FAQs for recognised activities and environments

Q1 What activities are recognised?

The British Gymnastics insurance policy will provide you with cover whilst you are coaching any British Gymnastics discipline or activity within the remit of your British Gymnastics qualifications, in a recognised environment.

Q2 Are non-gymnastics activities recognised?

Clubs, and club coaches, are covered to supervise certain non-gymnastic activities as part of a summer or holiday camp. These include activities at the gym such as team games and craft sessions and "low risk" activities away from the gym, including trips to the cinema and bowling.

Q3 I coach in a school, is this covered?

British Gymnastics coaches are covered to coach school gymnastics classes and also after school clubs, provided that these are delivered to pupils of the school only. If children from other schools are allowed access to a club after school, this should be registered with British Gymnastics as a club in its own right.

Q4 I coach a school gymnastics class as part of their PE curriculum, but the pupils come to my gym for the session. Is this OK?

Yes, insurance is provided for this coaching as it is within a club environment and provided as part of the school curriculum.

Q5 If I coach in a leisure centre am I covered?

If the leisure centre is registered with British Gymnastics then you are insured to coach gymnastics in sessions where all participants are members of British Gymnastics. If the leisure centre is not registered with British Gymnastics then you are not insured, unless you are coaching within a British Gymnastics club.

Q6 My club is based in a leisure centre, but I don't know if the leisure centre is registered to British Gymnastics. Are my club activities covered?

Yes, by registering the club with British Gymnastics you are accepting to abide by the British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare policy and so insurance is in place.

Q7 What happens if I am coaching in an unlicensed leisure centre or other non- British Gymnastics recognised environment?

In this case, you must make sure that you are covered by the insurance of the leisure centre you are working at or by the organisation employing you.

Q8 I have session for non-members at the club, can I be covered for this?

Yes, non-members can be registered with British Gymnastics under the block registration scheme. These can be participants in term-time gymnastics sessions, who only attend for a term at a time, or non-members taking part in open sessions, summer or holiday camps. For further details please contact BG membership by email or on 0845 1297129.

Q9 I run other activities during summer/holiday camps as well as gymnastics, am I covered for this?

The British Gymnastics insurance policy will provide cover for the supervision of certain non-gymnastic activities that are run as part of a gymnastics based summer or holiday camp.

Q10 What insurance cover is provided under block registration scheme?

Once all participants have been registered with British Gymnastics, then the club and its coaches will be protected in respect of their liability to those taking part in the activity if they are injured and sue the club or coaches for compensation. There is no cover provided for the individuals themselves (member to member cover) as they are not British Gymnastics members. There is very limited Personal Accident cover provided to non-member participants.

Q11 My club runs open sessions where the public are allowed access to the gym but there is no coaching or supervision. Am I insured for this?

No. Cover for unsupervised activity is strictly excluded

Q12 Is my club covered to run fundraising activities?

Yes. The only restriction is that if the fundraising activity involves gymnastic apparatus (e.g. a sponsored bounce on trampolines) then only British Gymnastics members should take part. Please ensure that any fundraising activity is properly risk assessed.

Q13 Is cheerleading a recognised activity?

All members of British Gymnastics and British Gymnastics affiliated coaches and clubs are covered for cheerleading within a British Gymnastics club, delivered by a British Gymnastics affiliated coach working within the remit of a British Gymnastics coaching qualification.

BG also recognises certain UKCA events, namely The UKCA National Elite Competition, The UKCA National Club Competition, The UKCA National Community Competition, The UKCA National Street Cheer Competition and the UKCA National Schools Competition and cover is included for a British Gymnastics club's participation in these.

Recognised activities & environments

British Gymnastics' insurance provides cover to clubs, coaches, members and officials when taking part in recognised activities within recognised environments.