FAQs for Coaches and Judges

Q1 Where am I covered to coach?

The BG insurance policy will provide you with cover whilst you are coaching in any BG recognised environment.

Q2 What happens if I am coaching in an unlicensed leisure centre or other non-British Gymnastics recognised environment?

In this case, you must make sure that you are covered by the insurance of the leisure centre you are working at. Get them to confirm this in writing. If you are unsure if this is suitable, refer to W Denis Insurance Brokers PLC.

Q3 If my membership lapses, how will this affect my insurance cover?

With effect from 10 September 2014 the public liability insurance provided arranged for British Gymnastics has been upgraded to a ‘claims occurrence` basis. This means it will cover events which occur during the period of insurance. The exception to this is in respect of events which occurred prior to 10th September 2014, or any acts or allegations of abuse or legionella or professional indemnity or pure financial loss which all remain on a ‘claims made` basis. A claims made basis means that the policy only provides indemnity to the insured party if a circumstance or claim is reported to the insurer during the period of insurance regardless of when the event happened in the past (in the case of British Gymnastics a retroactive date of 1st October 1985 applies for the claims made part of the cover).

Q4 Am I covered to coach cheerleading?

British Gymnastics affiliated coaches are covered to coach cheerleading within the remit of a British Gymnastics coaching qualification.

Cover is included for cheerleading that takes place within a British Gymnastics club. British Gymnastics also recognises certain UKCA events, namely The UKCA National Elite Competition, The UKCA National Club Competition, The UKCA National Community Competition, The UKCA National Street Cheer Competition and the UKCA National Schools Competition and cover is included for a British Gymnastics clubs participation in these.

Recognised activities & environments

British Gymnastics' insurance provides cover to clubs, coaches, members and officials when taking part in recognised activities within recognised environments.