FAQs for Clubs

Q1 What activities are clubs covered for?

In addition to recognised gymnastic activity, clubs are covered for all activities typically associated with the running of a club, including administration and social events.

If you're running a bonfire or firework display, it is essential that you follow the insurer's guidance to ensure that the event is safe. 

Q2 If I am a committee member - What protection do I get?

If you are a committee member, a trustee of a not for profit club or even an employee or manager undertaking official management duties running thr club, you have a personal liability. Management Liability Insurance is provided to insure Directors & Officers as well as the club itself against certain types of claims alleging wrongful acts.

Q3 Are non-members covered by the Policies?

Sometimes non-members will wish to attend a training session as a guest before they decide whether they wish to join the club. In this context we have agreed with the Personal Accident Insurer that they have access to two trial sessions before she/he should become a member of the club. There is automatic cover for the club when individuals participate in club events such as Summer Camps or on a guest or trial basis in terms of Legal Liability. The club is indemnified for liability and the individual guest has insurance in his / her own right in respect of these two “taster” sessions.

Cover for the club can be extended to include non-standard activities involving non-members as part of the British Gymnastics Block registration scheme.

Q4 Does my club need to register its non-competitive members?

In order to ensure cover under the insurance policy it is essential that a club registers all of its members, both competitive and recreational. Failure to do so may mean that the insurance will be invalidated in the event of a claim.

Q5 Is insurance included for birthday parties?

Cover for birthday parties is included provided that there is a level 2 coach supervising (not coaching).

Q6 Are we insured if we hire a bouncy castle?

The British Gymnastics insurance does not include any Legal Liability or Personal Accident insurance for hire or use of bouncy castles and you should ensure that cover is arranged with the hire company on a separate basis in writing (or refer to W Denis Insurance Brokers PLC).

Q7 Is insurance included for summer and holiday camps?

The insurance provides cover for clubs that arrange camps for British Gymnastics members and non-members through your public liability cover.  Cover is included for gymnastics and low-risk, non-gymnastic activity provided by the club and supervision of other activities if they are provided by a Third Party provider.

Q8 How does Legal Liability insurance apply to young people under 18?

All British Gymnastics clubs are required to follow the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy. This is expected to ensure that the officers and members of that club are eligible for indemnity under the Legal Liability policy in the event of a claim made against them following injury to a child. In the event of such a claim being made, the insurance policy may be invalidated if you have not followed the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy.

Q9 Do we have cover if employees are injured?

The British Gymnastics policy provides Employers’ Liability cover, to a limit of indemnity of £10m any one occurrence, in the event that an employee is injured and claims compensation against the club.

Q10 Is the club covered for public displays?

Cover is included for the club in respect of public displays performed by club members but members of the public should not be included at all. If they are, the insurance cover is invalidated. See also Q18.

Q11 Is there any assistance if the club has a dispute with an employee?

Clubs have access to a legal advice helpline, providing free legal advice in respect of any legal matter including employment disputes.

The legal advice telephone number is 0117 9342111.

In addition, clubs have indemnity up to £50,000 legal expenses insurance to protect them in the event that they are brought into a dispute with an employee. For this cover to apply, it is essential that advice is sought from the legal advice helpline and that this advice is followed.

Q12 I’m not sure if my coach is an employee or is self-employed. What can I do?

Ideally, you should have a contract with your coach that clearly defines the relationship between you. If you are unsure, the legal advice helpline will be able to help.

Q13 Is my club covered if we go abroad?

Cover is provided for trips abroad that are sanctioned by British Gymnastics. To have your trip authorised by BG please call membership services on 0845 1297 129 ext 2395.

The cover provided is not travel insurance and will not provide cover in respect of medical expenses, loss of personal belongings etc.  You will need to ensure each gymnast / companion who is travelling has adequate travel insurance arranged.

Q14 What cover is provided for my club whilst we are abroad?

Cover is provided for the club, gymnasts and coaches if they cause an injury to another person or damage to property, just the same as in the UK.

Q15 Does the policy provide cover for medical expenses abroad?

No, it is essential that you take out travel insurance for all members of your party travelling abroad. We would recommend that you arrange to insure all persons travelling on one policy.  To obtain a quotation for travel insurance that will include cover for cancellation, delay, loss of or damage to personal belongings, medical expenses whilst you are competing etc, please contact W Denis Insurance Brokers PLC.

Q16 How is Employer’s Liability different to Public Liability?

Employers' Liability Insurance will indemnify the club/employer if it is legally liable for an injury or illness sustained by an employee (or volunteer working under the supervision and control of the employer).

Public Liability indemnifies a club / member / volunteer if another member, or a member of the public, sues them for injury or damage caused. The British Gymnastics policy also extends to include cover for liability arising out of the advice given by coaches.

Q17 Do I need Employers' Liability for volunteers?

Under British Law, you can still be called an “employee” even if you are not paid. Our advice to a Club is always to arrange Employers' Liability insurance.

Q18 If we do a club session or display outside, are we insured?

Yes, on the basis that you adequately risk assess the area when the activity will be taking place. You may need to take into account additional hazards, such as uneven terrain, weather conditions and even the space between you and any spectators.

Q19 Can we allow members of the public to take part in displays or demonstrations?

No, this will invalidate your insurance cover.

Q20 Our club is involved with cheerleading. Is this covered?

All members of British Gymnastics and British Gymnastics affiliated coaches and clubs are covered whilst taking part in British Gymnastics recognised activities within British Gymnastics recognised environments.

This includes cheerleading that is carried out within the remit of a British Gymnastics award and training within a British Gymnastics club. British Gymnastics also recognises certain UKCA events, namely The UKCA National Elite Competition, The UKCA National Club Competition, The UKCA National Community Competition, The UKCA National Street Cheer Competition and the UKCA National Schools Competition and cover is included for a British Gymnastics clubs participation in these.

Our club stores its equipment at a leisure centre and they use it for their own gymnastic sessions. Does our club have any responsibility?

As it is your equipment, your club has the responsibility to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose and you should make sure that it is well maintained. We also recommend that you have a contract in force between your club and the leisure centre to make it clear that they should also check the equipment before using it and, if there are any issues with it at all, they should not use it and report any faults to you so you can rectify them.

Recognised activities & environments

British Gymnastics' insurance provides cover to clubs, coaches, members and officials when taking part in recognised activities within recognised environments.